« I believe in the power of visual information. I believe in the power of stories. I believe in Humans. I love to think that we can design the World with Genius and Care. I am fond of simplicity and elegance in Design. 

I have stayed in Ireland from 2015 until the end of 2017, after having founded and managed an Advertisement and Graphic Design Business in Ireland (which is Pardon My French) after a same one in France, called  MAKINGCOMM, for 6 years.

I am a Marketing Consultant, an Advertisement Project Manager, an Independent Artistic Director and a UX Designer/Webdesigner specialized in high-end communication. The branding agency PARDON MY FRENCH is the link between 2 different but sibling cultures we are proud to bring closer with my partners Laure, Fabrice and Pierre. » Audrey

Photo Julie pour PMF    « I am Webdesigner, UI-UX Designer and Illustrator, fond of mangas drawing, video games and Japanese culture. After one year working for Happy Madeleine association, I have become an expert on Figma. I am always happy to design modern websites very functional, on which you will enjoy to navigate. » Julie


« I love History, the world of Fantasy, but especially the Digital world. Since I was a child, I’ve had a computer to play with.

Self-taught, I have spent a lot of time learning and understanding Webmarketing. Recently my training at NFactory School has given me many more tools and allows me to better focus on what I enjoy the most : SEO and Webdesign.
 »  Dylan 



Fabrice Folliot fond blanc VF

« For the past 22 years, I have developed different companies in a managerial or ownership capacity, both in Ireland and in France.

As a Business Developer, Sales Manager and Brand Director well established in Ireland, I believe in goodwill and empathy in intercultural relations. 

France will soon be Ireland closest neighbour within the EU and there are a lot of opportunities there, but the right market and commercial expertise is essential to achieving success. » Fabrice



Respect / Team Spirit / Humanisme



A Certificate in Online Marketing, IT Carlow University, 2016

A Certificate in Webdesign, IT Carlow University, 2015

A Certificate in Design Thinking, IDEA Labs, Lyon, 2014

A Graphic Design training, CMA, Paris, 2009

One-year postgraduate degree in Management and Project Management at the International Institute of Management (including Sales and Marketing courses), Paris, 2006-2008

One-year postgraduate Degree in Public and Political Management at the Institute of Public and Political Management (Specialization in corporate communication and lobbying), Paris, 2001

4 years studying at the Institute of Political Sciences of Aix-en-Provence (Specialization in International Relations), Aix-en-Provence, 1997-2001

And so many ideas in her head !


1 year studying Digital Project Management and UX Design at NEEDFORSCHOOL (2022)

1 year studying Webdesign at INSA ROUEN (2021)

2 years studying Graphic Design at LIGNES & FORMATIONS 

And such a great temper !


2 years studying Digital Project Management and UX Design at NEEDFORSCHOOL – NFactory 

And such a great potential !


Sales and Marketing Degree at Poitiers’ Management and Business School (1991-1996)

And so much experience !